A good day in St. A starts with a cup of coffee!


… Or tea if that’s your thing, and right now is a BREW-tiful time to check out these cafes located right here in St. Albert — all of which are less than 15 minutes away from Solis! 


1. La Crema Caffé

This is a local caffé that has been in St. Albert since 2000. They have so many delicious drinks and food combinations, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, they support other small businesses and local artists which is awesome!

You can find them on Instagram @lacremacaffesta, or stop by and say hello at 44 St. Thomas Street

📸: La Crema Caffé


2. Turkish Coffee House

A one-of-a-kind coffee house located at 24 Perron Street Unit 50 that has hot and cold drinks, home-cooked Turkish meals, a great staff, and an awesome atmosphere.

You can see for yourself how good everything looks on their Instagram @turkish.coffeehouse, and be sure to check out their menu on their website here: 

 📸: Turkish Coffee House


3. Macarons and Goodies

They are known for their authentic VERGNANO Italian Coffee, amazing French/Canadian food, and delicious pastries such as Macarons, Croissants, and Eclairs (just to name a few). Everything is made daily in-house from scratch, and you can even order from them online.

Find them on Instagram at @macaronsandgoodies or on their website: 

They are located at 50 St.Thomas Street, Unit #103!

📸: Macarons and Goodies